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Retrofitting and Servicing

CNC Retrofitting

Unfortunately, when the old controls fail in old machines, replacing them, most times, is impossible. We will not only replace old machines with current CNC technology, we will make your productivity grow tenfold.
Our staff have had many years of experience in CNC technology and are professionally set to benefit older CNC equipment by retrofitting with new and up-to-date controls and drive systems. You will be able to machine parts previously not possible to do with old control with our retrofitting of CNC milling machines, lathes, plasma and waterjet cutting machines and much more.

Why Retrofit:
  • Save up to 80% costs of buying a new machine
  • Optimize on the machine tool's life increasing your productivity
  • Maximize your machine tool's peformance, accuracy and reliability
  • Reduce maintenance costs

CNC Machine Servicing

Proteq Automation have the resources and technology to help you exceed your manufacturing schedule. Our exceptional service team will offer mechanical and electrical repairs to CNC and manual machines. We offer affordable services with expertise to make your machining life easier and increase your productivity.