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Pro-Cut CNC Plasma Machine


Pro-Cut CNC Plasma Machine.

The Pro-Cut is a portable, high performance, entry level machine designed for precision plasma cutting with a choice of plasma power source options and is available in 8" x 4" table size.
Our machine design engineers have designed quality industrial CNC Plasma tables that will increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work.
With a Digital Height Control fitted as standard, you are ensured a longer consumable life, precision cutting and less dross. Further more, the simple range of software options suits all technical levels and budgets delivering operating efficiencies and cost savings.
Get a custom table for your special requirements.

Table Features:

  • Extra rigid table constructed from steel.
  • Smooth motion linear bearing for all axis.
  • Hardened and ground ball screw for Z and Y axis
  • Powerful 8 N/m hybrid stepper motors
  • Precision rack and pinion drive system for X axis
  • Industrial cable carrier management
  • Gantry parking allowing full size sheet loading

  • Other Features Include:

    PC and Software

    • PC with 17” colour monitor
    • Wireless keyboard & mouse
    • Fully configured with all necessary software
    • Draftsight CAD software (free download)
    • Supported via Draftsight resources web page

    Separate Control Console

    • Easy access to PC compartment
    • External USB port
    • E stop with key lock out
    • Air filtration system
    • Easy access maintenance

    CAD/CAM Software

    • Automatic kerf compensation
    • Choice of lead ins/outs
    • Nesting capabilities
    • Customization as per customer requirements