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About Proteq

Proteq automation is a pioneering technology company which is driven by the vision to improve the way we produce/manufacture/fabricate products in Kenya and Africa. so that these products can compete head to head with similar ones from the developed world. Our target is a wide range of industries such as Motor vehicle, real estate, Food and beverage, Interior design, Art, OEM equipment manufacturing among others. Our goal is to make these technologies readily available through our strategy to Educate, Influence and support.

Product analysis and definition; Project goals and customer needs identification; Project brief and schedule development; Conceptual study and design; Conceptual 3D modelling; 3D visualization, Functional and imitation 3D prototypes
Manufacturing Process automation
To have consistent, high quality products which are produced in the least time and cost, automation is a necessity. We use various controls systems and strategies which include but not limited to: SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), DCS (Distributed control systems) PLC (Programmable and logic controllers) , VSD ( variable speed drives) HMI (Human machine interfaces) , smart sensors, Motion controllers and custom industrial software’s. We are also well versed with Industrial networks and industrial communication protocols.
CNC machines and Digital Fabrication methods
Every manufactured product starts from an Idea; which is developed from concept level through to prototyping and subsequently to manufacturing . But there is a huge Gap in Kenya and Africa when it comes to developing ideas and concept, prototype quickly and cost-effectively. Most ideas do not even reach manufacturing stage. Proteq Automation has developed a unique methodology which suite these region. The methodology is an end to end solution in which Ideas are digitized through computer aided design (CAD) software tools, analyzed/prototyped using Computer Aided Engineering tools (CAE) and subsequently processed for manufacturing using computer Aided manufacturing (CAM) software tools. But all the methodology will be useless unless equipment to fulfill these manufacturing requirements are available. Proteq Automation has developed and manufactured High quality Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment to fulfill application in a wide spectrum of industries. Our brands Pro-Carve and Pro-Cut for processing soft materials and metal respectively coupled with other equipment from our international partners fulfill any desired application requirements.